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What Can You Achieve With A Coach?

Your coach will work with you at your current status to reach your goals.


Meet the Team

Personal Trainers at Ascend Fitness are encouraging and help you with effective workouts!

Fitness Specializations

Functional Training

Workouts involving functional movements that have a real world, everyday benefit. The outcome is a broad and sharp physical ability to overcome any physical challenge that comes your way! Functional Training will help you lose fat, prevent injury, gain lean muscle, strength, and see great definition.

Technique Coaching

Get detailed and personalized feedback so you can lift and train with confidence and correct form. Moving in correct form vastly increases the results of training and prevents injury.

Corrective Exercise

Thought of as the bridge between physical therapy and fitness training, corrective exercise entails re-establishing proper biomechanics, muscle activation, joint mobility, and reducing muscle spasm. It’s very common to have weakness or improper muscle/movement function after injuries, or just every day life, but with a focused effort of corrective exercise you can regain optimal functionality.

Strength Training

Don’t be intimidated by strength training- gaining strength properly is one of the best things you can do to change your physique and health. We will teach you proper form and movement to perform strength exercises in excellent form and see quick progress.

High Intensity Interval Training

Also known as HIIT, involves a repeated cycle of bringing the heart rate to a high level then back to a low intensity or recovery level. This always

Posture Improvement

Bad posture impacts your self image, how you come across to others, and your physical ability- By strengthening your postural muscles and releasing tension from tight muscles your posture can greatly improve helping you move better, breathe better, experience less aches and pains, and appear more confident.

Services Offered

I believe you'll have the most success working closely with a qualified trainer if you are serious about seeing changes in your fitness. You need a personalized program and accountability and motivation to make changes. When you do, you'll be very proud of yourself.

Personal Training


Personalized Fitness Sessions

We'll lead you through a customized workout regimen based on your goals and current fitness status. The sessions are private in our facility and will help you see immediate changes in your mind and body.

Nutrition Coaching

Nutrition Planning website pic.jpg

Easy To Follow Nutrition Plans

Nutrition based on real food and proper supplementation is foundational to seeing your body and health change, whether you want to lose weight, get stronger, or feel better all around.

Custom Supplement Plans


Safe Nutrition Supplements

Helps your get more out of your effort at the gym, increases the results you can get and decreases the time it takes to see dramatic changes in your body, fitness, and health.

Take The First Step:
Get In Contact with an Ascend Trainer

Okay great, got it! You'll hear from a team member soon.

We want to talk with you about your fitness and health goals so we can put a realistic and effective plan in place so you can see incredible results. Once you send your info we'll be in contact to set up your assessment.

Visit Us Today

Ascend Fitness is located in the Shoppes At Lake Mary Plaza behind 7-11 in Downtown Lake Mary.

OPENING HOURS: Training Sessions are held according to trainer availability.

Typically session slots are available Monday-Friday 5:30am-8pm and Sat/Sun 9-12pm.

Office Hours are Mon - Fri 8am-4pm.

(407) 878-3080

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