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Ascend Business & Sales Training

Helping Fitness Businesses Increase Their Income & Impact 

Make More Money

Sales Training for Trainers and Gyms a better closing rate and client retention

Get Your Team On Track

Your team needs to be able to produce revenue for you- we'll help you with that

Live the Life You Want

Imagine what you can accomplish with a proven sales system tailored for your business

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Areas of Focus

Sales Training

Leadership Development

Business Operations

Marketing Strategies

Fitness Finances

Business Longevity

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Meet The Owner

Jesse Walker

Starting my own gym in 2016 led me down a depressing, difficult journey. With no business acumen or sales skills I was a pathetic liability to myself and my family. And then it got worse.

I was leaking money, in debt, surviving on my wife's income. How did I get on track? I want to share with you my 7 step sales process so you can close more clients and change more lives.

Today is your day to rise up, get into a winning streak, build your business, and develop your team of world class closers- I look forward to speaking with you!

Sales Engine is an all in one sales training platform for fitness businesses

Sales Engine helps you:​


  • Increase gym revenue

  • Your employees make more money

  • Gain & retain more clients

Sales Engine Topics

Sales Psychology

Discovery Selling

Closing Strategies
Handling Objections
Retention & Renewal Strategies
Marketing Strategies

Ascend HQ

101 N Country Club Rd. #106

Lake Mary, FL 32746

Office Hours are Mon - Fri 8am-4pm. EST

(407) 878-3080

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