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Become an Ascend Ambassador

Ascend Supplements is here to help people transform their health through great products and real relationships

What is an Ambassador?

You are passionate about health, enjoy helping others, you walk the walk.


As an Ambassador you educate, market, and sell the supplements, and most of all, lead by example in your fitness, nutrition, and health. 

How to become an Ambassador

1. Submit Your Application

Click the 'Apply Now' button and we'll get in touch with you to schedule the next steps.

2. Ambassador Academy

Ambassador Academy is our training program covering Nutrition, Supplements, Fitness, and Business.

3. Begin Changing Lives

Helping people get their nutrition and mindset oriented for success is fun and rewarding.

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What Do You Get As An Ambassador?

Nutrition Training

Ambassador Academy trains you in human nutrition, metabolism, supplementation, and sports physiology so you will become a subject-matter expert


You'll have access to 15-30% off discounts on all Ascend Products, the best supplements in town.

Make Money

You'll have monthly opportunities to market and sell, as well as business training to get more comfortable on the business side of things.

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Meet The Owner

Jesse Walker

In college, I was severely depressed, overeating, and isolating myself. I was confused about fitness and nutrition. My motivation was teetering and I didn’t have any structure or guidance. I was stuck.

But now I am transformed and I believe anyone else can do it too. Ascend is here to help people along their journey.


I'm looking for those who are done with struggling and striving who want to soar. Let's band together and make a big impact in this world.

- Coach Jesse

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Ascend HQ

Ascend Fitness is located in the Shoppes At Lake Mary Plaza behind 7-11 in Downtown Lake Mary.

101 N Country Club Rd. #106

Lake Mary, FL 32746

Office Hours are Mon - Fri 8am-4pm.

(407) 878-3080

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